What I’ve Learned in Week One of CMST 130

I’ve learned a lot in the first week of  Survey of Digital Communications (CMST 130). I got introduced to the use of social media in the business world and WordPress. In my readings I’ve learned that a companies blog should be only 20% of content promoting products and 80% connecting with the customer. I think that this a great idea and can be seen in many successful companies like; Canon, Microsoft, and Apple. Being introduced to new social media has interested me in how to properly use it in a business aspect. WordPress is new to me, but I already understand how to efficiently use its tools. I took a Web Design class in high school and WordPress is much quicker than writing the code for each page. I think that WordPress will be enjoyable and fun for me to use, and I plan to use it even after this class is over.  I can’t wait to further my studies and better equip myself to promote a company or my own company in the future.social-media-mobile-icons-snapchat-facebook-instagram-ss-800x450-3-800x450


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