The Toyota AE86


The Toyota AE86 was in production from 1983-1987 and was know as a cheap and affordable car when it was produced. It wasn’t seen as an aggressive car as it produced up to 112 horsepower stock, but it’s amazing handling and Rear Wheel Drive(RWD) helped this car become very popular. This car did make it’s debut in the United States as the Toyota Corolla GT-S, while Japan had many more variants( GT, GT-APEX, GTV, Sprinter Trueno, and Levin) with better performance, due to strict emissions in the United States. This car soon gained popularity due to the animated series, Initial D, in which the main character , Takumi Fujiwara, drives this car on the mountain passes of his town. Takumi drives a Toyota Sprinter Trueno that serves as his father’s tofu delivery vehicle, but at night Takumi uses it to race downhill against other street racers. The series is based of real places in Japan as the tofu shop and Mount Akina are real locations in Japan. The Tofu shop sadly was torn down not to long ago, and was a popular photo spot for fans of the animated series. However, Mount Akina is actually Mount Haruna in Japan and the same roads in the show can still be driven today. The Toyota AE86 is even alive today, as Toyota has released the Toyota 86 GT/Scion FR-S. This car is based on the same mechanics of the Toyota AE86, as it’s handling is exceptional but still lacks a huge amount of power (about 200 horsepower) compared to other modern day cars. The Toyota AE86 will still live on to perform it’s respected drifting legacy.

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