Mazda RX-7


The Mazda RX-7 is another legendary car that was produced from 1978-2002. The car was RWD and produced  135 horsepower in the early years and then up to 276 horsepower in the final years of production. What sets this car apart form many other cars is its strange engine. The RX-7 uses a rotary engine rather than a normal engine with pistons.


The rotary engine is what it sounds like in which a rotor inside the engine rotates quickly in a circular motion and causes combustion that powers the car. You Tuber, Engineering Explained, best describes this engine in this video While this cars engine was very strange it was still a very fast car and provided a sport feel and a distinctive engine noise. The set backs to this car are that this style of motor requires a lot of maintenance and uses lots of oil to lubricate all the moving parts in the engine bay. With such a large amount of oil being used (sometimes burning up oil) the gaskets start to wear out and caused leaks in the engine and sometimes quite expensive repair bills (The later model of the RX-7 (RX-8) faced this problem even more than this model and drove the engine away from the car industry).


This car has become a widely modified car and has a huger fan base surrounding this car, especially the  1991-2002 model, as they still look like a modern car and have aged very well for being more than 15 years old. Due to the high popularity the car has thousands of aftermarket parts to purchase and change the look of the car, on top of that there are many after market kits to upgrade the engine and increase the horsepower produced.


The car also received a lot of popularity as it appeared in the Fast and Furious Tokyo Drift movie, and was driven by one of the main charters (Han). In the movie the car is a orange and black last generation RX-7 with a Veilside aftermarket cosmetic kit that makes the car look completely different than its usually self.


I just hope that they bring back this car in the next few years, as it seems that the sports car industry is finally on the rise again.


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