The Forgotten Japanese Mustang


This is my dad’s 77 Toyota Celica. This was the last year this body style was implemented in this rare car. ¬†For Toyota this was a great car that introduced them into the American car market as it was a cheaper copy of Ford’s Mustang. The resemblance is almost identical and made many people assume that the car was in fact a Ford Mustang. This car was very under-powered as it made only 99 horsepower, however this car was intended for enjoyment rather than racing. The Celica became a hit in the United States, but sadly few are seen on today’s roads. The Celica was built better than many of the American made cars of the era, but the car still faces rust issues due to the harsh chemicals put on the road during the winter. This car is intended for summer driving and caused my dad to put it away for almost 20 years as it wasn’t practical for a family and the weather conditions. Now we plan on reviving it and bringing back this amazing car to the roads of Washington.